Where in I Thank My Neighbor, and Have Some Olive Garden

My neighbor Blaine is a beast.  She is working out with her trainer every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  On the days in between, she’s working out with me.  The woman is ridiculous, and I can not thank her enough.  She’s been the best accountability partner I’ve ever had.  Together, we’re on a mission and nothing is going to get in our way.  Well, er, except Olive Garden.  Yesterday I was still coming off the high from the workout the night before, and then it hit me;  Holiday party.  At work.  AKA: Olive Garden everywhere.

Why me?  Why would I try to lose weight during the sweetest and most savory time of year?  The time of year when people are baking their little hearts out.  Filling my stocking at work with chocolate covered pretzels, peanut butter cups, candy canes, and all other kinds of naughties. [Which by the grace of Dear Baby Jesus I’ve been able to NOT EAT]

People think I’m crazy.  Everybody tells me to wait until after Christmas.  To wait until the New Year.  Why start my resolution early?  The answer to that one is easy, I’m early to everything and have a legitimate phobia of being late.  Seriously guys.  Panick attacks ensue.  So this only makes sense for me, to get a head start, and be here(in the gym), before everybody else.  If you’re not 30 minutes early, your late.  Or in my case, 30 days early.

Yesterday you said tomorrow.  That says it all.  That sums up the past two years of my life.  It was always, I’ll start working out tomorrow.  Tomorrow I’ll do something active.  Tomorrow I’ll start eating right.  It doesn’t work that way guys.  You need to start today.  You need to earn your body.  Eat right, and become the healthiest you that you can.  If you eat what you’ve always eaten, you will weigh what you’ve always weighed.  And just remember, dieting will help you look good in clothes, but working out will help you look good naked.

Just for accountability purposes, I have a confession:

Yesterday I ate an entire entrée of Chicken Parmesan.  And a bread stick.  And some salad.  I say the salad thing like its bad, because it is.  There is no way that dressing is good for you.  I think they actually put cheese in it.

I felt guilt instantly. Certainly won’t be doing that again!   It’s okay to indulge every once in a while, and I get that.  However, indulging doesn’t mean throwing away all of the lessons you’ve learned with reckless abandon.  When indulging, portion control still applies.  Somebody once told me Everything is OK in moderation; from drugs, to Jesus.  Obviously I don’t condone drugs, but I’m just saying…  That somebody had a point.

Work out update:

Blaine and I have been working out for almost a month.  It started just by taking long adventuresome walks, and transitioned into full-blown gym sessions.  We’ve been managing 45 minutes, to an hour of excercise every other day. [Not including her trainer sessions].  When we started the treadmill routine I wrote about in a previous post, we could run for 30 seconds at 5.5 speed, and it just about killed us.  On Sunday night, we ran at 5.5 for a good 2 minutes, without stopping. I have to say it felt amazing.  I’m starting to appreciate the pain in my knees.  We planked for 30 seconds, THREE times.  That’s crazy improvement for us, people!  We leave feeling so accomplished.  That my friends, accomplishment, is what it’s all about.  Have I mentioned I’ve lost 10lbs?

Stay motivated my friends!  Also, what are some of your healthy options during the holidays?


3 thoughts on “Where in I Thank My Neighbor, and Have Some Olive Garden

  1. It’s great to have someone to workout with and be accountable to. I agree the holidays are a hard time to diet and stick to it. Between office Christmas parties and meeting up with friends it’s going to take me a month just to work of the weight I will have gained just in the last two weeks of December. haha


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