Work it out part 2

Part 2, written by Blair and Blaine:

So remember that one time when I said you’re welcome for not uploading pictures of us working out because that would definitely not be something you’d want to see?  To bad.  Here it is guys.  Our very own sweat, and tears.

See what I mean when I asked one of you guys to invent a double chin excersize machine?  It needs to happen. So get on it, ya’ll. I was so proud of this sweat mark.  So proud in fact, I’m like totally, never, going to wash this shirt again.  You know, like the pro athlete I am and all.  Look at me gettin’ all superstitious about sweat and shit.  On a more serious note, this sweat was the sweet, sweet product of Blaine’s amazing treadmill excercize she taught me!  Basically, this is how it goes:

Do a power walk on 3.5 for about a minute to get warmed up.

Straddle the machine, turn up your speed to 5.5, and hop on for 30 seconds and run.

At second 29, place finger on speed control and get ready to push(in the downward direction).

Push down to 3.5 and walk for 30 seconds.

Straddle machine and turn up the speed to 7.5, and hop on for 30 seconds and run.

See step 3, and repeat.

Also step 4.

Straddle the machine and crank that baby up to 8.5, or if you’re whimpy like me, just 8.0, and run your little heart out.

Repeat steps 3 and 4.

Then repeat the whole thing again from step 1.

Today I am feeling the burn, baby!  And what a mighty good burn it is.

I’m feeling the burn from these babies as well.  I felt like we needed some serious arm work outs since we’ve been running and walking lately, and I’d hate for us to end up looking like a lemon standing on two toothpicks.  That’s not a good look for anybody.

Blaine “Planking”.  This fabulous routine we did a few times, along with some side planks(un-pictured), and man do they work out your core.  It’s a great strengthening routine.  Also harder than hell.  We did these for 30 seconds each time.  Belly flopping on the floor in complete exhaustion when our timer went off.  Yes we have a timer.  Somebody, er, something, has to hold us accountable!

Another thing we did was some lunges.  We each went to opposite sides of the room, and lunged past each other.  We thought it’d be fun because we’d be able to high five when we met in the middle each time.  It was a good idea, but that high five sometimes put us off balance.  Soooo perhaps a little counter productive.  We threw in a few dumbbell routines as well and then after 45 minutes we called it a night!

Is it bad that when we get done working out we want to eat our faces full of food?  Man it makes us hungry.

Also, fun fact: Did you know at Subway you can substitute yogurt, granola, and  fruit for the bag of chips that you normally get with your meal.  I did that for dinner tonight with a low cal turkey sub and it was delicious.  And healthy.  And abs don’t start in the gym people, they start in the kitchen.  Or in my case, at the Subway across the street.



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