Work it out Part 1

Part 1, written by Blaine:

Monday was the first day of me running.  Holy freaking exhaustion.  Talk about vomit.  It was awful.  I did find out that I actually can run, so that was exciting!  The first session was all about getting into it, getting motivated, and realizing that I can do it.  My trainer taught me some great exercises which you can read about it part 2.  Today was my second session and my trainer threw a few curve balls my way.  We did abs, arms, and running.  Again, talk about vomit, and talk about awful!  In addition to those topics, we can also talk about sore.  Oh, and in case you didn’t know…water is key.  Drink a lot.  The most important thing I’ve learned so far, is to stretch before and after work outs, and try not to over do it.  10 to 15 minutes of stretching before and after the work out, can really change the entire game.  At my session today I also met a girl who started out her journey at 285lbs and is now 170lbs after just one year of working out and eating right.  I made it a point to let her know that her path towards weight loss and healthy living isn’t only benefiting her, but that it’s also providing a ton of motivation for me that is much needed at this point on my path.



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