The Beach Boys once said:

Going to the gy(y-iiii)m

and we’re gonna, get in sha(aa aaa)pe

Going to the gy(y-iiii)m

and we’re gonna get in sha(aa aaa)pe

Oh wait, that wasn’t the Beach Boys, was it?  But for real guys…Blaine and I are *totes*, as she calls it(totes=totally), going to work out tonight.  Or maybe just me since she got her ass kicked yesterday by her trainer.  But whatever.  She can always just stand in front of me and open up Pinterest and make me stare at the thinspiration section.  Sick, so sick. 

Side note: Sorry for this post.  Just had to do it *wink*. 

Another side note:  Am I the only one(besides Blaine, my sister, and a few close friends), that is totally and completely and utterly and everything else, in love with Pinterest?????  Makes me feel so crafty and stuff.  Like warm fuzzies.  LoVe.





2 thoughts on “The Beach Boys once said:

  1. mrsalexzan says:

    absolutely 100% addicted to pinterest! It makes me want to do crafts, decorate my house, go shopping, cook, have another wedding, and work out all at the same time


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