Some things I can’t wait for!

Amazing body – duh

Bikini season!

Chasing Lilly around easier


Eating a bit less – and not wanting more

Fitting into my jeans better

Going to more yoga classes

Healthy cooking

Infatuation – with myself

Jogging every day

Kick boxing

Letting go of the old me

Moving around with ease

Never saying never

Obviously, looking great

Pushing towards my goals every day

Q.  Again…

Realizing I’m not losing me, just the extra weight

Shopping at the front of the racks, rather than the back(where they hide the big sizes)

Talking every day one day at a time

Underwear – looking great in nothing but em’!

Victory! I love the feeling of achieving what you’ve set out to do

Walking more often, and further.  It’s amazing what you can find along your way.

X. I got nothin’

You guys being proud of me!

Zebra print – maybe that bikini ;)



2 thoughts on “Some things I can’t wait for!

  1. OOMMMG girl i know!!! you’re the best! i’m so excited were gunna get skinny together!!!! woot woot! ps-today, while im stuck at work, find out about kickboxing classes!!!


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