Just a few things I’m hoping to get rid of

Avoiding people taking my picture

Being exhausted

Chaffing – Enough said

Deleting pictures that make me look fatter than I already am.  Oh wait, you mean that’s actually what I look like? Great.

Eating till I’m uncomfortable


Grazing all day on junk food

Hating my body

Ignoring the urge to get off the couch

Jiggley tummy – Who am I kidding.  All of me jiggles.

Knowing whats best for me – or the lack there of


Moving around so slow

Not enough self-confidence

Over eating

Piling on the pounds

Q.  Hmm Q.  Ya okay, I have nothing for this one.

Realizing how chunky I’ve become

Squeezing into my jeans

Thinking constantly about being skinny

Underwear – Not looking good in just them

Vicariously living through my thin friends

Wishing I could wake up thin

X-Ray – never should have needed one, but did, thanks to these extra LB’s

Yelling at others when I’m just mad at myself

Z.  Really?  I wish I would have thought about Q and Z before I started this post.


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