Sugar Rush

The hardest part

of this entire journey

is staying away

from my dear love,



What are some ways

that you guys steer clear from the precious powder I love so dearly?  How do you fight your cravings?  Do you work in an office where candy is a constant?  How do you avoid it?  I need to hear your tips, and inspiration!  Comment away, my lovelies.


4 thoughts on “Sugar Rush

  1. A few things that I do to stay away from sugar are:

    1- Eating every couple hours. If you keep your blood sugar levels constant, then you won’t have a drop which leads to craving tons of sugar.
    2- Putting salsa and hot sauce on whatever I can throughout the day. The spicy flavor helps you burn fat, while also keeping you fuller longer.
    3- Sugar free gum/ diet soda. I know that everyone says to stay away from diet soda, but it’s my vice and it really hasn’t done anything bad to me over the years. It’s great and sweet and usually cures the sweet tooth.
    4- Fruit or plain greek yogurt mixed with splenda and a spoonful of sugar free pudding mix

    You’re doing great! It only takes 21 days to break a habit completely and at that point, your body won’t even miss it anymore! It’s all about retraining your body and mind. :)

  2. I know this is going to sound too simple but this totally works for me. When I have a sweet tooth and chug 8ozs of ice cold water. My craving instantly goes away. Try it!


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