I pee’d a little!

I look at Pinterest a lot.  It’s my anti-drug.  And by anti-drug, I mean anti-work.  It’s bad. It’s an addiction. It’s love.

One of the most inspiring pieces of thinspiration I have seen on Pinterest said:

Nothing tastes as good

as skinny feels.

I’d be lying if I said this simple quote in all it’s glory wasn’t at least 95% of the reason I got motivated in the first place.  I mean really, how easy.  Like a lightbulb went off.  Skinny feels amazing, I’ve been there.  I know it.  And whoever wrote that was right.  Nothing tastes as good. 

HOWEVER my dear readers…last night browsing Pinterest I came across this same quote, slightly altered.  And I about pee’d my pants.  Because it’s also simple, and so so so true.

Whoever says

 nothing tastes

as good as skinny feels…

Has obviously never had bacon.

Oh just admit it, I know you’re LOLing right now.



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