Parolees and Pazole

I’m dying at the title of this post.  Doing some seriously laughing with my neighbor Blaine as we reminisce about what happened during our walk today.  We wanted to take a new route so we could see new things, and try to stumble upon something new.  After about a mile, we decided we had to go back to Gallo Blanco.  Next time i promise we won’t.   Phoenix is set up like a huge grid.  Central Avenue runs north and south, and if you go east of Central you get 1rst St, 2nd St, 3rd St, etc.  And if you go west, its 1rst Ave, 2nd Ave, 3rd Ave, etc.  The east/west streets all have names, so we wont get into those.  Anyways, Blaine and I live on Central Avenue, Gallo Blanco is on 3rd Ave, and on 7th Ave there is a bunch of small antique shops and trendy little stores we wanted to walk by.  Since last time we took Central Ave up and then over to 3rd, this time we decided to take 7th Ave up so we could window shop.  Now that all the confusing direction explanations are done, let me just tell you, BAD IDEA.  Horrible idea.  Worst idea ever.  Never doing that again.

We got about 100 yards up 7th avenue when a homeless man(brown paper bag/liquor) and everything, started asking me how I liked Lilly’s stroller.  He was telling me all about how he had seen one somebody threw out once, and he wished he’d grabbed it because it has nice tires, better than those of shopping carts.  Then he moved on to talking about the wheels on certain low rider cars and how they aren’t very good and blah blah blah.  And you guys, I’m not even kidding, as he was behind us chit chatting away while we were walking over a the canal, this dude that looked like he got spit out of the mouth of a rave walks up, carrying a huge ass candy cane.  What the hell?  I can’t even make this shit up.   He starts asking the guy about what’s in his paper bag, they chit chat, and all the time Blaine and I are giving each other the look and hoping we don’t end up on the next season of L&O SVU.  For real guys.  Finally we come across an antique place and Blaine casually says “Hey Blair weren’t we gonna check this place out?”  YES MA’AM!  We duck in , stroller and all trying not to break anything in this room that looks like a hoarders wet dream.  The guy asks if he can help Blaine with anything, while I was peeking out the window to make sure the guys left, and she says “Oh no, were just ducking in here trying to get away from something”.  He goes “Not in here you’re not!”, and walks her towards the door.  Um dude, this isn’t the holocaust, you will let me hide in your room!  Would he rather we leave, die, then come back to sue his ass for not letting us take shelter away from the creeps???  You’re choice dude, your choice.  That’s all I’m saying.

After the coast was clear we made our way without incident to the restaurant, and had some more amazing food.  Warm Pazole, the best I’ve ever had.  Also, chips and guacamole.  So yum.  So perfect. Their salsa is amazing as well, I ate it all.

The way back, we walked down 3rd Ave, and past a Mercedes dealership.  The letters on the window said “Vinter Vent”.  We both wondered out loud about what that meant, and if it was maybe German for something.  HA-HA-HA.  We about peed our pants from laughing so hard on the side of the road when we saw the other side with the full “W” and “E”.  Winter. Event.  That makes so much more sense.  I can just imagine what the people driving past us thought as they saw us crouching over dying from laughter.  We have become those people I judge while I’m sitting at red lights.  Great.



We also jetted down a side street in a neighborhood and saw THE most amazing tree house we’ve ever seen in our lives.  We wanted to knock on their door and ask if they could come out to play just so we could go up there.


Also, I bet by looking at this picture you would never guess what this guy is doing.  We were curious, and as we got closer we realized he was using a piece of sandpaper, about the size of the magnets you sometimes get from a pizza place when they deliver, and he was sanding.  The entire tree.  Inch by inch.  Not sure why, and neither of us had the balls to ask him what the hell he was doing that for.


Another interesting note is that all the houses in this neighborhood look like this.  All the same style, all a little run down, etc.  Except that is, for his next door neighbor.  Can you say, “Over kill”?  We counted 7, yes 7 security cameras attached to this McMansion.  How odd, to build a house like that, in a neighborhood like this.  Perhaps if they went a couple blocks east the cameras wouldn’t be necessary.  Also, this neighborhood that we were walking in, wasn’t that bad.  Some people’s kids are just so off these days.

We also walked past some of the most adorable houses ever.



The 7th Avenue Melrose District is an area of town that’s a little on the old run down side, but is fulling up quickly with boutiques and shops, and it’s definitely on the path towards revitalization.  Some of the stores are absolutely to die for, and they all have the most unique merchandise.  I’m loving having a walking partner and it’s great that were able to exersize and blog about this together.  We even stepped it up and added a little jogging today.  Oh, and by jogging, I mean we high tailed it through a little cross walk to get out of a cars way.  Like I said before guys, baby steps.  We made plans to meet in the fitness room at our building later.  So until then, it’s nap time with Lilly and relax to the max time.

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