Gallo Blanco && The Clarendon Hotel

Yesterday morning when I woke up, I was feeling particularly energized and motivated.  I got up with Lilly, fed her some oatmeal and a banana, and settled into our usual saturday morning routine.  AKA, laying on the couch watching the SPROUT channel on TV.  24/7 pre-school channel.  Funnnn.  My neck wasn’t hurting very bad so after about 5 minutes of watching Chicka sing the happy birthday song, I jumped up, got us dressed and bundled up to face the cold, and called my neighbor and demanded her join me on a walk.  It’s a good thing she said yes because if I’d have had to go alone, I’m sure the boredom would have made me turn back home much sooner than I did with her there. 

We live downtown, so the walk was nice and it was our first super cold morning of the year.  We chose to walk down a main road, and the whole time my neighbor and I were discussing how we should end our walk at a good brunch location.  We didn’t really know what we wanted to eat or where we would, so we decided we’d just keep it up til we found it.  We walked about 2 miles, and a little bit off the main road, and found the most unique hotel, in the middle of our huge city, with the most fabulous restaurant.  The Clarendon Hotel felt like a hidden gem, in a huge sea of concrete and buildings.  It was small. Quant.  Trendy.  Urban.  And fabulous.  I’ve lived in this city my entire life, and never even knew it existed.  The restaurant is called Gallo Blanco, and moms, yes all you moms out there listen up, the waitress picked up my screaming child from her high chair and took her to the lobby of the hotel to play.  Her “Best Waitress of The Year” award is already in the mail.  She explained how she has a baby and knows how it feels not to be able to finish a meal.  Although restaurants don’t have day cares and typically a server is too busy to occupy your child while you eat, I still think this outta be a pre-requisite in waitressing.  The bomb.  Dot com.

We also saw Santa.  And his reindeer.  It was fabulous.  I can’t wait till Lilly knows who Santa is.  Such an exciting time of life, Christmas is.  Lilly loved pointing at the birds, stray cats, and the occasional airplane over head.  She took in the sights, sounds, and the smells of our city.  The city I love.  The city that normally flies by me through my rear-view mirror.  It was so nice to have my feet to the ground the whole way to breakfast.  So rewarding.  And so much more motivating.

On the way home, we chose to wander through neighborhoods the whole way, and avoid the main road.  Looking into the backyards of some people’s homes, was entertaining enough to make the whole walk worth it.  We had to cross over a bridge that went over a canal, and took the time to get out Lilly’s leftover pancakes we’d boxed up, and fed the ducks.  My neighbor and I were so rejuvenated by our journey that we decided we want to walk everywhere.  We live about 1/4 mile away from the nearest grocery store, which we always drive too.  We decided we should start walking, but we also decided we wished it was 7 blocks in the other direction.  Oh well!  We even got a little ahead of ourselves and imagined us jogging someday to Gallo Blanco.  You know, when we’re super fit again and are sporting our 6 packs, etc.  One can wish people, one can wish.


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